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Rat with Remote
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15th Jan 2021, 12:04 AM
If I have one complaint about flat-screen TVs, it's that I can barely fit a video game console's sensor bar on top of it. If I have another complaint, it's the designation. Most TVs have a flat screen; the question is how much depth the whole TV takes up.


You're giving away how young you are. Once upon a time, a TV screen was anything but flat. The screen had to be convex, because the distance from the picture tube was critical to displaying the picture correctly. In fact, go back far enough, and the picture was circular instead of rectangular.

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I'm aware. I just mean that what we call "flat screens" are characterized by more than that.

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The first "flat screens" were called that solely because they were flat (as in not-curved). They were still huge, they generated more heat and were much heavier than a similar-sized CRT. I helped a friend move a flat-screen TV out of their basement around 20-ish years ago. It had a 42 inch screen, and it was so heavy that the two of us could barely get it up the stairs.

Nowadays, flat means "like a pancake" rather than "not-curved".

And oddly enough, the latest trend in TVs is actually not flat... The screens are so big now that they are making them concave.

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