Comic 1237 - Bettor Not

Bettor Not
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18th May 2021, 12:30 AM
Evidently, Kody shares my view of the lottery: Not only are you very unlikely to win more than you spend on it, but if you hit the jackpot, you're very unlikely to get an improved life out of it. I've mentioned this elsewhere, possibly in my commentary during Virgil's wealth dream.


I've told people before, and it bears repeating. If you want to play the lottery, that's up to you. You're going to spend a certain amount of your income on frivolous things anyway, so set aside a fixed amount each month for lottery tickets. Spending $50 on lottery tickets is no more wasteful than spending $50 at the bar, or for that matter, spending $50 on anything that doesn't have lasting value.

But I quite agree with your estimation of one's chances of actually winning, as well as your speculation on one's "improved life" if they were to win the jackpot. If you can't be content with a little, you're not going to be content with a lot. You may be able to buy a lot more stuff, but you'll never be happy. Ask any rich man how much money is "enough", and almost every single one will tell you "just a little more".

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