Comic 217 - Ech, Hiss

Ech, Hiss
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7th Jul 2020, 11:48 PM
I doubt I've drawn 12 different female humans in my lifetime. With that in mind, this was probably my best attempt yet. If I learned nothing else from that college anthropology course, I got a better sense of facial differences between men and women, so I wouldn't just draw a drag queen. The hair was still tricky, but that's not a gender-specific problem for me, which is one reason I gave Kody ink-black hair.

Personally, I think human Aspen came out pretty cute. A bit skinny, but you have to expect that of a transformed snake. I considered giving her hair the same shade as her yellow scales, but it looked wrong with the striped shirt.

Well, if any of you were still having trouble with Aspen's gender, this should help. Her age? Hard to say, but I'm thinking the equivalent of early 20s. Now imagine if Kody saw her like this....